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Welcome to the internet site of the Association for the Protection of the Heritage of Mirabel aux Baronnies and Piegon. (The ASPMP). The aim of the site is to inform you of our activities and actions and give suggestions of places to visit. ‘What is Heritage? Qualities, traditions and features of life that have been retained over years and passed on from one generation to another, and makes us what we are.’  

Mirabel aux Baronnies

Aims of the association
To discover, protect and highlight the cultural, historical, religious and touristic heritage of our two communes.
Extract from article 2 of the statutes
Extract from article 2 of the statutes: ‘The association is competent in equally defending the protection of monuments, sites, buildings (natural or man-made) and presenting an ecological, historic, countrywide, architectural or touristic interest in the communes of Mirabel and Piegon. The skill of the association extends to the protection of free and permanent access to all cultural and religious sites for the population and visitors, as well as presenting the ecological, countrywide, architectural or touristic interests of both communes.’


Origin of the association
In 2002, the Chapel of the Calvary (la chapelle du Calvaire) which is situated on a promontory on the outskirts of Mirabel on the road towards Chateauneuf de Bordette, was made inaccessible due to the construction of a high fence around the site which forbade access to the building. The chapel had before then always been the object of an annual pilgrimage on the Wednesday before Easter. The association was set up in 2003 to return the historic site to the people of Mirabel, and let visitors to the region enjoy the site with its exceptional panoramic views over the Baronnies and Mont Ventoux. The association had to fight in the courts until finally, in 2013, it obtained the recognition that the chapel and site belong to the commune, with clear rights of access. The work of the association has equally widened its actions on other historic, cultural and environmental sites of our two communes, while working in collaboration with the authorities whenever useful and necessary.