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Walks around the area

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Les Montées
1.5 kms. Starting from the houses at the foot of les Montees, panoramic view of Garde Grosse and lovely view from above of Mirabel

La Genestière
3km. Among olive groves.

6 kms. From the chapel, exceptional panoramic view of Ventoux, Le Gros Moure, Garde Grosse and Piegon

Les Plans
3 km Among vineyards

Les Trailles
4 kms. Through vineyards, olive groves and truffle fields with views of Ventoux

5 kms. Bordering 3 ancient olive groves, with beautiful views of Mirabel

Le Calvaire
4 kms. From the Chapel of the Calvary, panoramic view from left to right of Venterol, the massifs of la Lance, Angele, Garde Grosse and Gros Moure

Le Mont-Ferrand
4.5 kms. Among vineyards and olive groves

Lanseigné-Chemin des Soldats
5 kms. Olive groves and lovely bastide

La Combe-Le Coignet
4km. Among olive groves

La Fontaine-Le Haut Lauzon-La Combe
5.5 kms. 2 lovely points with panoramic views of Piegon and the valley



La Draye du Moulin
7km. Lovely walk through vineyards.

Le Plateau des Cailles
13 kms. 5 hours. Height difference 430 m. Medium Difficulty. Remains of bories ( ancient charcoal burners’ houses). Beautiful panoramic views of La Lance, Vinsobres, the Ardeche mountains and Ventoux.

South of Mirabel (here)

9 kms. 4 Hours. Height difference 227m. Quite Easy. Panoramic view from Serre de la Motte and from the Chapel of Beaulieu.

6kms. 3 hours. Easy. Beautiful panoramic view from the chapel from La Lance to Ventoux.

Walks around Piégon (here)

L’Aiguille Rocher
5 hours. Medium difficulty. Lovely view point at 602

Le Gros Moure
Via Les Geants, with apricot orchards and the legend of the discovery of giant skeletons in the chapel crypt. 12 kms. Height difference 472 m. 4 to 5 hours. Notable difficulty on the descent between 772 and 564. From the summit, beautiful view towards Ventoux and the Baronnies. Clearing for picnics at 823.

Les Côtes Enverses (via Les Géants)
8 kms. 5 hours. Height difference of 419m. Difficult, for good walkers. Route mostly through forest with a lovely view at 769.