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Membership and donations

The ASAMP was set up in 2003. There are 68 members as of 2017. The modified statutes were lodged with the Sous-Prefecture in Nyons on September 25th 2015. Inscriptions are by voluntary membership, with an annual payment of 20€ per member in 2017. Any payment over 20€ is considered a donation.  








Mirabel aux Baronnies

If you would like to support our activities, without actually becoming a member, we would be more than grateful if you would send us your financial donations. Donations can be anonymous if you wish.

Contact us to find out the possibilities and methods of payment. 

One of the goals of the Association for the Protection of the Heritage of Mirabel and Piégon, (ASPMP) is the renovation of the Calvary Chapel site, and in particular the restoration of its remarkable recumbent figure as described by Patrick Ollivier-Elliott in his book reissued in 2007: "LES BARONNIES: mode d’emploi d’un fragment de paradis” ( THE BARONNIES: instructions for use of a piece of paradise): "In a cave (under the oratory nearest to the chapel), lies a large model of Christ in stone, gripping truth to the point that one wonders for a few seconds if it is not a real corpse ".

For any donation equal to or greater than 20 €, you will receive as a thank you, a copy of the brochure published by the Association "Discover Mirabel aux Baronnies and Piégon".


ASPMP, chez M. François Bidaut

Les Trailles 26110

Mirabel aux Baronnies