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28 March 2018
The Calvary-chappel around 1950   The Calvary-chappel in 2018

Wednesday 28 march 2018

Meeting on the Calvary-hill

For the first time since 2002 we have the possibility to meet on the Calvary-hill!

At 10.30AM there will be a (catholic) Mas near the Chappel.

Afterwards, at about 11AM, you are all invited for an apéro on the hill.

This is also a chance to visit the lying statue, which we wish to renovate as well.

Please be all there, to show our support to the restauration of this beautiful place.


December 13, 2017
Meeting between the Town Hall and the ASPMP. Originally scheduled for December 5, it was postponed to reflect Mr. Sapet's advice. It collected together the mayor assisted by 3 deputies, and 4 members of the association. After presenting the interest of the recumbent, which seems to be in accordance to our first searches, to be a rare configuration, we asked that it be integrated in the perimeter of protection. As the definitive demarcation has not yet been carried out, it seems possible that the municipality will study this option. We finally commented on the visit of Mr. Pierre Sapet, in charge of heritage conservation to the General Council, who showed great interest in the recumbent and the Calvary site during his on-site visit on December 7, 2017. (Read more article of La Tribune of 14 December 2017 in the section "presse/newspaper reports")

December 7, 2017
visit of Mr. Pierre SAPET, in charge of heritage conservation at the General Council of the Drôme. Following the sending of documents on the recumbent, Mr. Sapet wished to see it, so he could follow its restoration. He needs to communicate to us, with a copy to the mayor of Mirabel, the possibilities of financing the work of rehabilitation of the site.

The Chapel of Calvary
On January 8, 2016, the LYON APPEAL COURT rendered a judgment whose conclusions are as follows:

Article 1 °: the judgment of the Administrative Court of Grenoble of November 4, 2014, as well as the implicit decision of July 19, 2012 by which the mayor of the municipality of Mirabel aux Baronnies refused to take the necessary measures to establish a right of way to the communal chapel of the Calvary are cancelled.

Article 2: it is charged that the municipality of Mirabel aux Baronnies, failing to make an amicable agreement with the owners of the parcel surrounding the site in order to allow public access to the chapel of the Calvary, consider a procedure for the establishment of a right of way to be paid for by the aforesaid owners in order to allow the access to this chapel according to the purpose of the building, this within twelve months from the date of notification of this judgment.

Historic Circuits

in July 2016, 6 information panels (webpage in French) were set up in the municipality of Piégon.

In January 2017, 14 information panels (webpage in French) and 3 plans of the village were installed in Mirabel

The Chapel of Calvary (see Press/Newspaper reports)

at the beginning of May 2017, the gate of the fence was taken down, with no further information given. The Association is not yet satisfied with this situation as it does not solve the problem of access to the chapel.


Mirabel aux Baronnies